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Beispielbild Granulat
spray granules

Ceramic raw material and bodies

All data indicated in the following pages are approximate values with tolerances due to production and storing conditions. They only serve for describing the product and do not represent any assured qualities. The user is responsible for checking whether the product is suitable for their specific needs. The performance data listed here are average values stated in continual manufacturing control. Production aims to comply with the indicated data.

Since these products are based on natural raw materials, we reserve modification of these data, if necessary. Our terms of sales, which we will make available to you on request, are valid for the sale of our products.Beside the standard products mentioned above, specially processed products are also available upon request. Processing in return for payment, customized product development according to customer’s specifications in our modern laboratory (RFA, dialatometer, Cilas, strength test etc.)

Delivery schedule for the Weißenbrunn silica sand works

  • Table porcelain – fine ceramics for isostatic pressing
  • Table porcelain – fine ceramics for plastic moulding
  • C 100 technical porcelain masses
  • Group C 220 steatite masses group
  • Group C 221 steatite masses for dry pressing (granular)
  • Group C 221 steatite masses for wet pressing
  • Group C 221 steatite masses for extruding
  • Group C 400 dense-burning cordierite masses
  • Group C 511 porous cordierite masses
  • Group C 520 porous cordierite masses
  • Group C 530 porous cordierite masses
  • Groups C 600 and C 700 aluminium oxide masses
Beispielbild Granulat
spray granules