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Produktionsgebäude in Weißenbrunn
Production buildings

SILICA SAND WORKS Weißenbrunn, Bauer & Co.

In constant exchange with our customers we generate optimized raw materials. We offer a wide range of products as well as technical assistance and customer service on the highest level.

Modern laboratory with granulometric analysis by laser (Retsch), dilatometer (Netzsch) and strength test etc.

Customer-specific work, special processing, customized product development according to client’s specifications.

Processing in return for payment available.

Our granulates are used in the following industrial sectors:

  • Automotive industry (components for catalytic converter control technology, sensors, Lambda probes for emission analysis)
  • Textile industry (thread guides, linear guides)
  • Electro-ceramics
    • Fuses (LV HRC fuses, DIN fuses, fuse tubes, chamber plates)Household appliances (thermostat housings, buttons, sockets, connecting parts)
    • Resistors (profile bodies, solid bodies, winding bodies, grooved bodies)
    • Electrical heat (heater formers, insulating parts, spark protection parts, perforated strips)
  • Lighting ceramics (bases, sockets for low and high-voltage halogen lamps)
  • Energy technology (components for arc chambers, support elements for mirrors in parabolic troughs)

  • Pump industry (pump components, plungers and pistons, slide rings)
  • Fittings (sealing washers)
  • Foundry ceramics (feed and discharge systems for precision casting, filters for iron and steel castings, crushing cores for feeder technology, samplers, probes)
  • Welding ceramics (welding rings for stud welding systems, welding strips, welding plates)
  • Heating ceramics (infra-red radiant plates, perforated plates)
  • Honeycomb ceramics (heat exchangers, flow rectifiers, catalyst carriers)
  • Ignition systems & heating elements
  • Chemical industry (catalytic converters)
  • Grinding industry
  • Porcelain industry